How I fixed no video from the display and controllers not being picked up in Mixed Reality Portal.

So last week I wrote a post covering an issue I had in getting my Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset up and running.  When I first went through the initial set up, which went smoothly, when it came time to actually start using the device I ran into the H0002000-0 error.  I was able to fix this and wrote about it here.


Headset Video Issues

Once all the software was figured out and the Mixed Reality Portal was responding properly I noticed that I was not receiving any video from the headset.  Everything looked to be set up properly as the headset and controller icons where in the sidebar of the Mixed Reality Portal.  The culprit was apparently my front I/O.  I have the S340 Elite which is VR Ready with the front I/O supporting the necessary inputs for VR.  For whatever reason it did not work properly when I used the front I/O HDMI port even though the pass-through plugs in to my video in the rear.  Once I plugged in the headset’s HDMI and USB cable directly in the back  of my video card and motherboard I was finally able to see video.  Then another issue occurred.


Controller Pairing Issues

If you don’t know by now, the controllers require a Bluetooth connection in order to work.  No matter what I did the controllers would not show up in the Mixed Reality Portal.  I checked the Bluetooth connectivity in the control panel and was able to un-pair and pair the controllers multiple times.  Yet no matter what I did they would not show up in the sidebar of the Mixed Reality Portal.  Apparently the culprit seems to be which USB port I used.  Although the USB port that I had the HMD connected to was USB 3.0 it didn’t like it.  I decided to try one of the USB 3.1 ports and, voila, the controllers started to display in sidebar.  I finally had everything working and could finally dive in to VR.


If you are having headset video display issues, then I would just plug in the HDMI cable directly into your video card.  For some reason the front I/O on my S340 Elite doesn’t seem to work.  For controllers I would try using other USB ports.  The front I/O worked fine, but the USB 3.0 ports on the back of my motherboard were not cooperating.  Hopefully this has helped resolve your issues and allows you to finally step in to VR.

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