How I fixed the H0002000-0 error in Mixed Reality Portal for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

I recently purchased the Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality system and during the set up process I ran in to some issues.  I first had to update my Windows 10 operating system to the Fall Creator’s Update which took about 45 minutes to download and install.  If you haven’t done so already and plan on purchasing a Mixed Reality headset I would do this first.  The update process went smoothly and there were no issues there.  I then completed the set up process of the headset and controllers through the Mixed Reality Portal, but when it tried to initialize the headset I received a H0002000-0 error.

Mixed Reality Portal Error

Mixed Reality Portal Error Screen

Luckily after doing some quick research I was able to find out that it is a software related issue and not an issue with the headset or any drivers.  I thought the Windows Fall Creator’s Update would include the necessary updates to start enjoying VR, but that is not the case.  What I had to do was to check for additional Window’s updates and install them.  I’m not sure which exact update fixed the issue, there were a few and I installed them all.   Once that was complete I restarted my computer and the Mixed Reality Portal was able to initialize the VR headset.

If for some reason you are still experiencing issues you might want to make sure you have the latest, or more recent, driver for your video card.  This may or may not be a related fix, the driver version I have (NVIDIA 388.31) in my system is not the latest version and I haven’t had any further issues in the Mixed Reality Portal.

Hopefully this has helped you set up your VR equipment.  If you have any other comments or issues relating to Mixed Reality Headsets feel free to comment below.

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