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I recently had been experiencing some issues with my Windows 10 install and was attempting to log in through Safe Mode, but kept encountering an issue where my password was incorrect.  The solution to this problem is quite simple.

The most likely reason you are unable to log in to your account through Safe Mode is because you are trying to log in to your Outlook account that is assigned to your Windows 10 log in.  Unfortunately, even if you were to select Safe Mode with Networking you’ll still run into issues logging in.  The solution is to simply create a local username and password and this should allow you to log in when using Safe Mode.

  1.   Go to Control Panel (Windows + I)
  2.   Accounts
  3.   You should see a link that says ‘Sign in with a local account’
  4.   Go through the process of creating a username and password.
  5.   Attempt to log in via Safe Mode and it should work.

Hopefully that works for you.  I kind of wish Windows 10 was able to prompt you to create a local account first before attempting to boot into Safe Mode as this would have saved quite a bit of headache.

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