The Oculus Quest was officially released today, and while you may have decided to buy it you’re a little unsure which storage size to get.  After all there isn’t a microSD slot to increase the storage.  But, if you’re like me you’re probably debating whether or not is it really worth the $100 to get double the storage size?

I’ve never been much of a heavy storage user even when it comes to phones.  I find that 64GB is enough for me with all the storage that is available in the cloud, but there isn’t cloud storage for the Oculus Quest.  So is 64GB really enough storage?  That depends on how much content you consume and if you don’t want to be bothered monitoring the storage on the device.  Here’s a nifty little infographic created by the Reddit user Hunger4499 that displays a couple of games and the related file size.


While this infographic was created at the beginning of May 2019 it should give you a better idea of what to expect.  With 10 games installed they take up approximately 11GB.

Some file sizes are probably no longer accurate, but should still give a rough estimate.  For example Robo Recall’s file size as listed on the Oculus store is 2.9GB while Beat Saber is now at 233MB and Superhot VR is 504MB.

Based on this infographic alone I determined that 64GB was plenty of storage for me.  I don’t plan on storing a lot of media files on the device and apparently you can connect external storage for media via USB-C, so why would you?  Hopefully this has helped make your decision a little easier.  Good luck and enjoy your Oculus Quest.

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