If you are looking to load .nsp files to your Nintendo Switch but they are currently formatted as .xci there is an easy to use tool to accomplish this.  It’s called 4nxci and all it takes is a few clicks.

You can find the current release of 4nxci  here.

For Windows you’ll want to grab the GUI version.  Once downloaded you can extract it to any folder you wish, possibly a Switch utilities folder.

Note: To use the application you’ll need to have your prod.keys files from your Nintendo Switch.

The application is extremely easy to use and you can convert your .xci file to .nsp in just a few clicks.


4nxci GUI

  1. On the first input you’ll want click the Browse button and select your .xci file.
  2. Then you can Browse to a new Output Directory, or leave it as default which will be the folder you previously selected in Step 1.
  3. On the Keyset File you’ll need to Browse to your prod.keys file that you exported from your Nintendo Switch.
  4. Click Convert and just wait for it to finish.

That’s all there is to it.  In less than minute you’ll see the converted .xci to .nsp file.  Sometimes you’ll find more than one .nsp file.  This usually happens when the .xci file contained an update.  You can transfer all of the .nsp files to your Nintendo Switch if you wish.

As always I hope this has helped and happy Switching.

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