One of the great things about gaming on PC’s is having the ability to modify and create textures to your liking.  There are countless PC games that have been modified in some way to improve upon the default settings like Skyrim or GTA V to name a few.  Dolphin Emulator is no different allowing players like you and I to create custom textures for our favorite games and being able to share those with the Dolphin Community.

Zelda is a classic franchise in Nintendo’s arsenal of games only available on their platforms.  For the Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the first Zelda title to land on their new console.  With millions of Dolphin users who are Zelda fans it was only a matter of time that custom HD texture packs would pop up.  One of the more popular HD texture packs that I have read and heard about is the Insane Slug HD Texture Pack.  I was having a hard time locating it since it was released quite a while ago but I was finally able to track it down.  Tyrone Anderson, the creator of the texture pack, has made it available for download using OneDrive.  Click the lnk below to access the texture pack.

Insane Slug HD Texture Pack by Tyrone Anderson hosted on OneDrive

There are a few things worth mentioning.  One is that the download size is 3.25GB.  Most of the texture packs that I have come across are around this size so it is normal for an HD texture pack.  Second is that this texture pack is for the Wii version of LoZ: Twilight Princess with a GameID of RZDE01.  This will not work on the Gamecube version as the GameID’s are different.

You can visit Tyrone Anderson’s blog, although it hasn’t been updated in a few months.  But if you like his work and want to support him you can also do that at his blog.  He also has a more active YouTube channel with videos on his other projects that he’s working on.

Hopefully this has saved you some time regarding locating the texture pack.  Most of the information that I found always referred to his blog with a link to the download but I believe Tyrone has moved everything to OneDrive.  I am not sure how long it will be available so access to the texture pack may break in the future.  That’s all I wanted to share, and I’ll leave you with a quick comparison screenshot that I have compiled, with no additional graphics tweaks, to give you a general idea of the type of changes you can expect when using Insane Slug HD Texture Pack for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  Enjoy!

insane slug hd texture pack comparison

Top: Default / Bottom: Insane Slug HD Texture Pack

Note:  If you are looking for the GameCube version you can find the converted files here.

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ALMIR ROGÉRIO DE CARVALHO · January 24, 2021 at 4:08 pm

Are these textures really converted to GameCube?
Here she is not reading, but others are

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