This is another popular error that you may encounter when building a Hackintosh.  I consider myself very comfortable with building Hackintosh’s, but with my latest build I was stuck on the Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! error for the longest time.  I was finally able to solve the issue after a few troubleshooting methods.  

I had checked and rechecked all the possible solutions and none of them worked.  I was still able to successfully log in using -x but the graphics were very poor.  I made sure IGFX was the first option in BIOS (was also the only option I had since I didn’t have a discrete card).  Since I have a K version processor, 4670K, I didn’t have to worry about Disabling VT-d since it’s not an available option in the BIOS settings.  I tried all types of boot flags, IGPEnabler=Yes IGPlatformID=0x260000 PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes, different 4600HD flags, but unfortunately none of those seemed to work.

What finally did work for me, even on OS X Mavericks, and possibly later versions of OS X, was to choose and install the DSDT Free option in the older version of Multibeast.  The only option I selected in Multibeast was the DSDT-Free option since the Gigabyte Z87 board doesn’t require a DSDT.  So if none of the other previous solutions work for you hopefully using the older Multibeast will resolve your issue.

What you can also try, but a method I haven’t tried myself, is the following:

Boot with -s. When you see the prompt “root:”:

Type: mount -uw /
Type: cd /System/Library/Extensions
Type: mkdir intel_back
Type: mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/
Type: touch ../Extensions

Reboot and use -v flag.

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