A relative wanted me to look at her iPhone 4S to see if I could fix the volume up button which was stuck. I first took it in to an Apple Store to see if they could fix it, but after making an appointment and hours later I was told that it could not be fixed and that I would have to pay $199 for a full replacement.  That wasn’t going to happen so I decided to do a little research myself and was surprised on what I found.

While waiting for my appointment at the Apple Store and I read about a shim that they could install.  I asked the employee about it, but was told that it could only fix buttons that were not responding correctly, not ones that were stuck.

I wasn’t going to spend $199 on a replacement for a phone that was fully functional otherwise so I decided to try and fix it myself.  After buying the necessary tools to open up the iPhone I found that the fix was quite simple.  One tiny disc that rests behind the volume up button was off center and therefore it was causing the button to stick or simply to not depress the switch.  After a drop of super glue and centering this tiny metallic disc the volume controls function properly.  I don’t know how long it will last, but for $5 for tools and super glue it beats spending $199.  Here are 2 pictures I found online, one without the discs and the other with to give you an idea of what I am talking about.


Volume switch with discs.


Volume switch without discs.

As you can see that without the discs there is a hole which prevents the button from functioning properly.

So if your volume button is stuck or not functioning properly you can try to buy a new one online but make sure it’s raised in the center of each button or else it will most likely not work.  I don’t want you spending $199 for something that is so inexpensive to fix.

iFixit’s guide on how to access the volume switch

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