If you’ve upgraded to the EVGA Hybrid Kit and noticed that there is a buzzing sound there is a fix.  For the simple fix that retains your warranty you might want to check out my previous post here which uses a 4 pin mini gpu adapter.  If you are wanting to venture in to soldering your own fan wire like I did, although it voids the warranty, read on.

The Issue

When I upgraded to the EVGA Hybrid Kit for my graphics card I realized that there was a buzzing sound coming from the pump.  While this is normal operation, it was quite annoying when I wasn’t gaming as I like to keep my PC as quiet as possible.  After searching the web I did come across two solutions.  One was to use an adapter as discussed in another post here, or to solder on your own cable to convert the 2 pin to a 3 pin fan header, which is what I’ll go over.

The Tools

While all tools may not be required, here are the tools that I used:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Helping Hands
  • Flux
  • 3 pin fan cable (pulled from an old fan)

The Job

Note: This will void the warranty.

Let’s get started.  I’m using the EVGA 1070 Hybrid FTW kit, but all the kits I would assume will be similar.

First you’ll want to remove the base plate and shrouding to get to the PCB.  Once removed you should see the EVGA housing covering the pump.

Top view of the EVGA Hybrid Kit Pump

EVGA Hybrid Kit Pump

To remove the cover you’ll have to pinch the sides where the notches are and it’ll come off quite easily.  After removing the cover you’ll see the pump PCB.  You can see here that there is an unused soldering point labeled MB Tach which we will be using to give us the ability to control the pump speed.

View of the pump PCB

EVGA Hybrid Kit Pump cover removed

Remove the 3 screws highlighted here.


Once the screws have been removed you can lift the PCB and other internals.  There are also spacers which I believe go between the PCB and metal prongs, just take note when removing the components.

EVGA Pump spacers

EVGA Pump spacers

Here are the internals removed from the pump housing.

EVGA Hybrid Kit pump

EVGA Hybrid Kit pump

As you can see there are 2 sets of wires, one set for the pump (top/left) and the other for the radiator fan (bottom/right).  Here is a closer look:

EVGA Hybrid Kit PCB close up

EVGA Hybrid Kit PCB close up showing wire connections

If you are interested to see what the back of the PCB looks like.

EVGA Hybrid Kit PCB back

This is an optional step but I decided to remove both sets of cables as I was already connecting the radiator fan directly to the motherboard for PWM control.  Here is both set of cables removed from the PCB.

EVGA Hybrid Kit PCB pump bare

I cut off a 3 pin fan cable from a fan that I was no longer using.  Stripped and prepped the wires for soldering.

3 pin fan cable

Now all you have to do is solder the cable to the right hole locations on the PCB.  If you are unsure which wire is which you can use the following diagram.

Diagram displaying the wire locations

Diagram displaying the wire locations

Here is the final product with the 3 wires soldered on.

EVGA Hybrid Kit PCB close up.

EVGA Hybrid Kit 3 wires connected

Now just put everything back together  : )

With the new 3 pin fan connector plugged in to the motherboard you can now control the speed of the pump with the help of an additional fan control software, such as Argus Monitor.  If for some reason you have read through this entire post and decided that you would rather not do this modification to your hybrid kit, but would still like to control the pump speed, then you might want to take a look at the adapter method from one of my earlier posts.

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