Acer KG240 vs Acer XF240H

I was in the market for a new AMD FreeSync 144Hz monitor to pair with my RX470 that I recently purchased.  I wasn’t looking to spend much and came across a pair of Acer monitors, the XF240H and a lesser known KG240.  I saw the Acer KG240 while I was shopping at Micro Center for a great price, but came up empty handed when looking for more information online.  Here is what I found when comparing the two monitors.

The Acer XF240H has been out for a while now and you can pretty much find it anywhere online.  Coscto had a great deal for the monitor which I jumped on.  But then I noticed the Acer KG240 at Micro Center for slightly less and the specs were the same.  I ended up purchasing it to compare it to my XF240H and gave it a short test run and this is what I have noticed so far.


As terms of the panel they are both pretty similar, if not the exact same.  The colors are a bit washed until you fiddle with the settings as with most monitors these days.  While both displays have matte finishes the KG240’s bezel is glossy while the XF240H is matte.  The 144Hz works wonderfully with AMD FreeSync and I haven’t had any issues.  In order to take full advantage of ther 144Hz you’ll have to connect your monitor via the DisplayPort cable, other wise you won’t be able to achieve the maximum advertised refresh rate of 144Hz.


The inputs are the same on both monitors and you get the same included cables as well, DisplayPort, DVI cable, and power cable.  I did notice that the XF240H has a on/off switch for the monitor similar to those found on a power supply on the back, which the KG240 did not.


This is probably the main differentiating factor between the two.  The Acer KG240 is a basic glossy plastic stand with a single tilt option for adjustability.  The stand on the KG240 doesn’t hold the monitor as sturdy compared to the XF240H.  The XF240H’s stand is rock solid with the ability to not only tilt the screen, but you can adjust the height, rotate it, and turn it left and right.  These may not be an issue if you plan on mounting the monitor as they are both VESA compliant.


Both monitors come with built-in speakers which sound the same, but I only tested them briefly as they’re not that great.


In conclusion, both monitors are great for what they offer:

  • AMD FreeSync compatible
  • 1ms  Response Time
  • 144Hz
  • 24″
  • 1080p

If you are looking for a stand with adjustability, then you’ll have to pick up the XF240H.  If you plan on just using an existing monitor arm to mount the display, then you could pick up the cheaper KG240.  Either choice will improve your gaming experience if used with AMD FreeSync.

Monitor Settings I used can be found here.

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Dave · January 5, 2017 at 10:20 pm

What settings did you settle on for the KG240? Brightness, contrast, black boost, super sharpness, gamma, RGB, etc.

    THEGEEKFIX · February 27, 2017 at 2:52 am

    I ended up keeping the XF240H. You can view the settings I used here.

bb · May 19, 2017 at 3:57 pm

i was thinking about getting one of the two monitors, but i hear their are two types of the KG240….. KG240 and KG240A with the KG240 with out a A being low hz and no freesynce , idk

but did theses monitors have ghosting and blur and can you tune the overdrive setting? is it unlocked? I hear the acer GN246HL has tons of ghosting and blur and the overdrive is set to the max and cant not be changed, i was going to go with the GN246HL until i seen these monitors, xf seems good

    thegeekfix · May 19, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    From what I’ve read there isn’t a difference between the 2. They both are 144Hz and FreeSync enabled.

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