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I’ve been playing Overwatch since release and had the opportunity to experience every event so far.  From the first Summer Games event to the latest Winter Veil Event.  There have been some changes though from when they first started with the events and I am sure there are quite a few new players.  These are some of the common questions I’ve noticed not only with these events, but with Overwatch in general.

Overwatch Lootbox


Can you save lootboxes for an event?

No, the items within a lootbox are generated when you earn the lootbox and not when you open it.

Can you buy event lootboxes?

Yes, you can buy lootboxes during an event to get event items.  Make sure you are purchasing event specific lootboxes as there have been some instances where people have purchased lootboxes, even after the event has started, to find out they are just normal lootboxes.  This mainly occurs on consoles.

Will you lose event lootboxes?

No, once you earn the lootbox it will remain in your collection until it is opened, and the type of lootbox will remain based on when it was earned.

Are there lootbox guarantees?

You are guaranteed at least one event item per lootbox during the duration of the event, but this can be a duplicate.

What happened to  my quick lootboxes prestige?

It used to be the first few levels (1-24) used to slowly require more experience per level.  So after 101, 201, etc. the experience required per level would reset which would allow you to receive lootboxes rather quickly.  This was great for events in Overwatch as this would allow you to get event items quicker.  But the issue was that Blizzard did not want people to not play in anticipation of an event to be released if they were close to prestige.  So in one of the patches they changed how experience was handled and while the first 1-24 required similar experience per level, it no longer reset after 100.  Every level afterwards requires 20,000 exp.  This would prevent players who were close to prestige to hold off on playing  with an event coming soon to take advantage of the quick lootboxes when they hit prestige, which Blizzard felt was a detriment to the game.  In the long run it now requires less experience per 100 levels, but you will no longer be able to quickly earn lootboxes after prestige.  Plus with the additional lootboxes that can be earned in arcade it also evens out.

Overwatch Winter Veil

Event (Summer, Halloween, Winter, etc.)

Can you purchase event items such as skins, intros, etc.?

Yes, it is now possible to purchase event skins at 3x the normal price.  The first event, Summer Games, did not allow you to purchase Summer Game items.  After some feedback Blizzard has allowed you to purchase event items ever since.  You will not be able to purchase them once the event ends, although they’ll be visible in the Hero detail screen.

Overwatch Public Test Realm


Does console have a PTR?

No, PTR is currently, and probably will only ever be, available on PC.  The reason this is is because Blizzard would have to get approvals from Microsoft and Sony for every update on PTR which would always be delayed.

Will items earned on PTR carry over to Live?

No, all items earned on PTR will remain on PTR.  It is possible to “lose” those items as Blizzard uses account screenshots from Live on PTR.  For example, if you did not have the skin on Live your Live account can overwrite your PTR account.  This is also an opportunity to spend your coins as that also does not carry over to Live.

Do achievements carry over?

No, everything that happens on PTR, stays on PTR.  Your PTR information may be lost as well if Blizzard refreshes your account snapshot.

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