How to save storage space by compressing .wud files using wudCompress.

I’m not sure if you have noticed but most Wii images are quite large with them coming in at around 24GB.  It’s not because the games contain that much data, it’s just how the Wii images are created.  The game could actually be 4GB yet the image you grabbed will normally hover around the 24GB mark.  Obviously this can create a storage issue if you have a lot of games.  Fortunately there are tools available that can greatly reduce the size these games take, upwards of up to 50% smaller while still being Cemu compatible and one of those tools is called wudCompress.


You can find the download link on the GBATemp forums located here.

How to Use

Once you have extracted the files there isn’t much to wudCompress.  You’ll notice an .exe file, but you don’t need to open it. To use the compression tool all you have to do is simply drag the .wud file on top of the WudCompress.exe.  The tool will then compress the .wud image and create a much smaller .wux file.  Some compression examples below:

Super Mario World 3D -> 2.61GB (20.69GB saved)
DKC Tropical Freeze -> 11.7GB (11.6GB saved)
Zelda WW HD -> 2.70GB (20.7GB saved)
Darksiders 2 -> 9.43GB (13.87GB saved)
Mario Party 10 -> 4.01GB (19.29GB saved)

If you need access to the original .wud file you can simply drag previously created .wux file on top of WudCompress.exe to decompress the .wux file.


As you can see there are a lot of empty blocks within the Wii game images.  By using the WudCompress tool you can easily save gigabytes of storage per game.  I hope this article was helpful and if you’d like to support the site if I could please ask you to disable ad-block extensions as the ads that are displayed are minimal.

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