So I’ve always wondered why sometimes attachments wouldn’t add as one would expect, as an attachment, versus sometimes being embedded within the email.  After some digging around I was finally able to determine how to accomplish both.  By simply switching an option within Outlook it can be accomplished.

Most people prefer to have the attachment directly under the Subject line rather than having the file embedded within the document.  This makes it easier for the recipient to see any and all attachments. Although sometimes the sender might want to include the attachments within the body, possibly when text relating to a specific attachment is discussed.  Whichever method you decide, have a look at the pictures below which will show you how to switch between the attachment methods.

This first image is usually the default way Outlook handles attaching files to an email.


As you can see under Format Text > Format, HTML is the selected option.  This will allow you to add attachments under the Subject line.  If you prefer to add them to the body simply  change the Format option to Rich Text.


It’s quite simple to switch between the two by simply changing the Format option.  Hopefully this helps you achieve the desired result the next time you attach files to emails in Outlook.

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