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NZXT H1 3D Printed Display Bracket Installation Guide

NZXT H1 Display Mod

NZXT H1 Display Mod

This is a quick walkthrough on how to install the NZXT H1 3D Printed Display Bracket.  Let’s get started.

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Simple guide on setting up OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi for 3D Printers



Setting up OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi for 3D Printers is probably one of the best upgrades you can do.  This will allow you to print wirelessly or wired to your printer without having to deal with transferring files to microSD cards.  There are also plenty of other extensions that can be installed as well, such as adding a camera to view your print remotely, creating time lapse videos, and auto shutoff the printer when the print is complete to name a few.  Check out the instructions below to get started.

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How to Transfer NSPs using Awoo Installer, an alternative to Goldleaf

Switch Awoo Launcher

Awoo Installer is a great alternative to Goldleaf and one that has provided faster transfer speeds.  As I occasionally require a manual transfer via USB to install my games in the past I have used Goldleaf.  But I was recently recommended to check out Awoo Installer and I am glad that I did as the transfer speeds have been much better.  If you are not satisfied with the speeds that you are receiving in Goldleaf you might want to give Awoo Installer a shot.

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How to Set Up HBGShop in Tinfoil for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Tinfoil

If you’re looking to set up HBGShop in Tinfoil it is pretty straightforward.  In only a few steps you too can have access to the HBBShop via Tinfoil.

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How to Replace a Hard Drive In a Raid 5 via Ubuntu

Unfortunately I started receiving errors saying that one of the drives in my raid 5 (google exact error message) was messed up.  It held up for quite a while and it was time for an upgrade anyways.  Here are the steps I used to replace a drive within in my raid.

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The Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

I have used quite a few mechanical keyboards and always have enjoyed using 60% boards.   Nowadays there are so many options on the market which make making a decision tough.  So I have compiled a list of 60% mechanical keyboards which I hope you find helpful.

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Windows 10 Safe Mode Login Issues

windows 10 startup settings

I recently had been experiencing some issues with my Windows 10 install and was attempting to log in through Safe Mode, but kept encountering an issue where my password was incorrect.  The solution to this problem is quite simple. Continue reading

Nintendo Switch: Easily convert files from xci to nsp using 4nxci


If you are looking to load .nsp files to your Nintendo Switch but they are currently formatted as .xci there is an easy to use tool to accomplish this.  It’s called 4nxci and all it takes is a few clicks.

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How to Sideload APK’s to Oculus Quest on Mac


Are you wanting to sideload some APK’s on your Oculus Quest?  Read on for instructions for Mac.

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How to Play SteamVR on the Oculus Quest using ALVR


I came across an interesting post on Reddit earlier today saying that it was possible to play SteamVR with the Oculus Quest using an application called ALVR.  I decided to give it a try today and these are the steps to install ALVR.

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